What we're about

Thriambos invests in future-proof companies and provides international expertise and unique insight through strategic change.

At Thriambos, we believe that the future belongs to those who pioneer cutting-edge solutions while safeguarding our planet for generations to come. Whether it’s groundbreaking advancements in renewable energy, disruptive tech or sustainability-conscious initiatives, we seek out ventures poised to make a lasting impact on the world and empower them to grow by sharing our expertise and profound know-how.




Invested in 2020

Stedox is a company working to revolutionize the construction industry by developing new methods and products. Stedox aims at helping construction workers have safer and more fun workdays.


Invested in 2023

Aircohol is about saving the planet in a cheerful way. Aircohol® technology empowers distilleries & breweries to produce the world’s most sustainable drinks using nothing but CO2.


Invested in 2023

Hybricon’s vision is to become a leading knowledge company in electrification. Its business idea is to deliver high-value goods and services with a strong knowledge component, contributing to green transition through electrification, and creating value for society, customers, shareholders, and employees.


Invested in 2023

Elvene was founded on the idea to bring a fresh, environmentally friendly dimension to boating. Elvene designs and manufactures smart and fun solar powered boats that are sustainable, easy to use and provide modern sea lovers with peaceful and quiet freedom.


Invested in 2023

Laplandar is a heavy-duty cargo bike startup redefining the ‘last mile’ of eco-friendly urban deliveries. Laplandar have developed the most practical and durable electric cargo bike on the market.



Invested 2016

Exit to Accountor in 2022.

Loopon AB / Local Measure

Invested in Loopon 2018

Loopon sold to Local Measure in 2019, Local Measure shares sold in 2024 to Telus International.

How we do it

Building a collaborative ecosystem for success: The Thriambos way

Thriambos partners with groundbreaking ventures to propel us all toward sustainable growth and excellence. We do this by offering minority ownership and active board work, either in co-operation with existing owners or by helping to restructure the ownership structure.

Our main focus areas include:

  • Clarification of ownership, strategy and objectives
  • Developed corporate governance and board work
  • Internationalisation and sales growth
  • Changes in the ownership structure
  • Changes in management and processes
  • Reorganisations
  • Strategic management work

About us

Anders Finne & Dan Liljeqvist

Thriambos is rooted in the heart of Finland’s Ostrobothnia, a vibrant corner of the world where entrepreneurship runs deep. Originally founded by Dan Liljeqvist and Anders Finne to support entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses in the region to take the next step in their development, we are continuously expanding our horizon, nowadays working with companies worldwide, harnessing our legacy to uncover the most promising investment opportunities.

Having worked with everything from small start-up projects to large multinational companies on the stock exchange, we bring extensive international leadership experience combined with a profound understanding of business culture. Through our various assignments, we have built an extensive network in different industries across the world, giving us access to potential clients, partners and investors with a shared vision of a smarter and more sustainable future.

"International experience + local understanding = success"